As we all know, designing a website, whether it be for a business, personal usage, or for entertainment, can be an intimidating task. One of the most important decisions to be made when first creating your site is which design tool to use. There is a variety of website building sites that you can use to create your own website, however, WiX is one of the easiest and most exciting ways to create your site. This site allows you to explore your inner creativity while achieving the image you imagined for your website.

First off, WiX is completely free. There are specific packages you can buy to add more to your site however, with the built-in and free features, you can accomplish a fully functional and interactive site without spending a single penny. WiX allows the user to choose an initial theme or model for the site you are building. This can be completely manipulated by the user to look entirely different from the example site they give you.  In my experience creating a site for a college organization I was involved in, I was able to choose a theme that I enjoyed and change each aspect of it that I felt tailored to my goals more successfully. WiX is dependable in the sense that it always saves your work. Throughout the many months that I used this website builder, I did not once experience the dreaded moment when you have worked on a project for an incredible amount of time only to find that your work was not saved.

Some of the many features the WiX offers include the following; unlimited pages for the site, social media links, uploading original content (videos and pictures), page hit counter, ability to place images and designs anywhere on the page or snap it to the grid, create a mobile version of your desktop view, and so much more. Other sites such as Weebly, do not let you have as much freedom in designing. I have used Weebly for a client that I was helping in creating a site for their web series and found it to be incredibly limiting. WiX is much easier to use and allows almost complete creative freedom.

WiX is also wonderful because of its gallery of free images and other small design aspects it has at the user’s disposal. The WiX gallery has a number of basic images that you can use for anything. Whether it be to use as a background for an original you choose to upload, or to serve as basic art on one of your pages, WiX has it all. If you do choose to purchase one of the packages this website builder has to offer, than you will be able to add components such as a calendar with an unlimited amount of events. You will also be able to create your own personal domain. With the free usage, you can have a personalized domain, however it is followed with text that WiX requires you to keep.

WiX is hands down the best website builder out there. For basic projects and even more complex projects, you will find WiX simple in its usage but complex enough to make your site unique from all the other sites on the internet. Publishing and saving is easy as well. WiX does offer a support and contact page in case you have any questions about designing or basic usage. I highly recommend using WiX if you ever need to create a website and would like to incorporate your own creativity and designing knowledge. I hope you find this site as helpful as I did!