Marketing is an inevitable undertaking of any business, and without effective marketing strategies in place, it is very difficult for the business to achieve any significant level of success. For online entrepreneurs, marketing is affected by various aspects including web design, hosting service and SEO among others. In fact, web design and marketing go hand in hand and cannot be separated. In order to achieve effective online marketing, the website has to be optimized and improved for the same. If you are a business in the UK, we recommend you check this out. Without proper web design, it will be difficult to enhance the customer experience and integrate various features required for marketing. Here is a brief look at the relationship between web design and marketing, including how you can go about improving both to suite your business needs:

How web design impacts marketing

A large part of most business activities is carried out online and even traditional companies have already transferred their services and activities online; the conveniences, opportunities and benefits are just too massive to oversight. However, carrying out your business activities online comes with several responsibilities and requirements. Since the virtual environment allows you to position and brand your business the best way you can, it also means you face a higher level of competition from those who can do things better in terms of;

  • Web design and appearance
  • Seamless navigation
  • Improved user experience

Your website does not only need to load faster, but also needs to have high quality links and a simple interface that allows customers to quickly find what they are looking for. People will generally avoid revisiting sites that take too long to load, have numerous redirects, look jumbled up (unattractive), are difficult to navigate or have too many adverts. The inability to attract revisits will definitely hurt your marketing. Web design also impacts your SEO and link building. From templates to themes and plugins, web design is an integral part of marketing. The core objective of marketing is to attract and retain as many clients as possible. To achieve this, the business needs to be easy to locate and should have relevant information. The web design service you choose can greatly impact your marketing and branding. Not all designers you come across will depict reliable services for your business. It is important to carefully review these offers and learn more insights from previous and/or current clients.

The benefits of god web design on marketing

It is important to review the web design offer you get before trusting them to take care of your business needs. Reviewing aspects such as reputation and looking up expert reviews can give you some tips on the level of quality to expect. Nonetheless, the company should have measurable results and outcomes that can be used to evaluate their services and benefits. Good web design and marketing are required for business success. If your website and pages are improved to be more attractive and easy to use, more visitors will visit and revisit. Earning customer loyalty is quite a challenge especially since other businesses are investing a lot to improve their services and websites. Clients will always want to use better (more efficient and effective) services, tools, apps and experiences. It all starts with a nicely designed website that fits the purpose of your business and loads faster regardless of the device used to access it. A good web design has the following benefits on marketing;

  • Makes it easy to optimize your pages for more organic traffic
  • Makes it possible to integrate improved user experience that will keep the traffic engaged
  • Brings more revisits and customer loyalty
  • Gives your business better ranking on search results (rewarded for improved experience)
  • Givers your business a professional brand and appearance that most customers will want to associate with
  • Givers you a platform to conduct more marketing activities including campaigns, link building and SEO


The benefits of good web design cannot be overstated especially with regards to marketing. The website you design basically represents your business and its appearance is how customers will perceive the entire company. If the site is disorganized and does not load as efficiently as clients would want it, your business will be also be associated with ineffective services. What’s more, there are too many options online and the next site may just provide all a user seeks and earn his/her loyalty. It is therefore very important to make sure you keep that customer by giving an overwhelming first impression. That is what marketing is all about.