Our Review Of MDDHosting Web Hosting

MDDHosting is one of the most popular web hosting companies in the world. It is a preferred host for many because it delivers on its word. The company is not only reliable, but also remarkably progressive. To illustrate this point, all you have to do is look at what the company did when it ran out of resources. Because its administrators are determined not to sell out to some other huge company, this hosting company ran out of storage space and other critical resources. Rather than sell out as most others would have done, the administrators chose to partner with Nimble Storage. Together they invented the High Available Network Storage Solution. Today, storage space and other resources are no longer a threat to the existence of MDDHosting. Here’s a quick MDDHosting review:

This hosting company is ideal for well-established websites. Relatively new websites will not benefit much from this host first because of the cost and secondly because they will have many resources that won’t be of much use to them.

Why Should You Choose MDDHosting?

  1. Fast Page Load Speeds – One of the trademarks of a great hosting company is fast page load speeds. This means that when people click on your website, they can access information within a fraction of a second. This is without doubt every website owner’s desire. With MDDHosting, you can rest assured that people will be able to access information from your site remarkably fast. On average, the load speed for this particular hosting company is 605ms. Nothing spells fast better. In fact, this host is about 20% faster than ordinary hosts.
  2. Uptime – Another pro of working with this company is that their server uptime is advertised as 99.9%, although 99.8% is perhaps closer to the truth. This means that your website is rarely ever down. So confident is the company in the server uptime that they offer a month credit in case your uptime is less than 99.9%.
  3. Unlimited Policy – The company also has a very clear unlimited policy. They are clear on what you can legitimately expect with their unlimited policy, so you can rest assured that there will be no rude shocks after you have already entered into a contract. If you start overusing resources, you will be notified early in advance and advised to change to a VPS. A virtual private server offers more resources and is ideal for when your website has grown remarkably. Additionally, this hosting company has reasonable policies. You can create as many email accounts as you wish, and send out plenty of emails without any problems. However, there are certain restrictions on the number of emails you can send on a day. Suffice it to say, the limitations are reasonable in every sense of the word, and you are unlikely to have any qualms with the policies.
  4. Reasonable Prices – Another perk of working with MDDHosting is that they charge reasonable prices for their services. This by no means implies that the services are cheap. In fact, you should be wary of ridiculously cheap web hosting companies. Most turn out to be rip offs at worst or unreliable at best. Although the prices are relatively affordable, they keep fluctuating from time to time, and this may not sit well with most people.
  5. Knowledge Base – One of the company’s greatest strengths lies in the fact that it has a superb knowledge base. Seriously, the amount of help you can get from this knowledge base is nothing short of awe- inspiring. If you run into any problems with the site, you should first visit the base before contacting the support personnel. You will be amazed at just how helpful the base can be.
  6. Excellent Customer Support – One cannot overemphasize just how important customer support is when working with a web hosting company. You may find yourself in a number of tight situations which require that you communicate with your hosting company as soon as you can. When it comes to customer support, MDDHosting deserves an award for being one of the best companies. They respond to your call within six minutes at most, and the staff is more than helpful.

MDDHosting Server Center


Hopefully, this MDDHosting review has shed some light into what kind of hosting company this is. On the whole, it a reliable company that is worth your attention if you have an advanced website that has heavy traffic. If you are only starting out with your website however, you might consider choosing other hosts.

The Impacts Of Web Design On Your Marketing

Marketing is an inevitable undertaking of any business, and without effective marketing strategies in place, it is very difficult for the business to achieve any significant level of success. For online entrepreneurs, marketing is affected by various aspects including web design, hosting service and SEO among others. In fact, web design and marketing go hand in hand and cannot be separated. In order to achieve effective online marketing, the website has to be optimized and improved for the same. If you are a business in the UK, we recommend you check this out. Without proper web design, it will be difficult to enhance the customer experience and integrate various features required for marketing. Here is a brief look at the relationship between web design and marketing, including how you can go about improving both to suite your business needs:

How web design impacts marketing

A large part of most business activities is carried out online and even traditional companies have already transferred their services and activities online; the conveniences, opportunities and benefits are just too massive to oversight. However, carrying out your business activities online comes with several responsibilities and requirements. Since the virtual environment allows you to position and brand your business the best way you can, it also means you face a higher level of competition from those who can do things better in terms of;

  • Web design and appearance
  • Seamless navigation
  • Improved user experience

Your website does not only need to load faster, but also needs to have high quality links and a simple interface that allows customers to quickly find what they are looking for. People will generally avoid revisiting sites that take too long to load, have numerous redirects, look jumbled up (unattractive), are difficult to navigate or have too many adverts. The inability to attract revisits will definitely hurt your marketing. Web design also impacts your SEO and link building. From templates to themes and plugins, web design is an integral part of marketing. The core objective of marketing is to attract and retain as many clients as possible. To achieve this, the business needs to be easy to locate and should have relevant information. The web design service you choose can greatly impact your marketing and branding. Not all designers you come across will depict reliable services for your business. It is important to carefully review these offers and learn more insights from previous and/or current clients.

The benefits of god web design on marketing

It is important to review the web design offer you get before trusting them to take care of your business needs. Reviewing aspects such as reputation and looking up expert reviews can give you some tips on the level of quality to expect. Nonetheless, the company should have measurable results and outcomes that can be used to evaluate their services and benefits. Good web design and marketing are required for business success. If your website and pages are improved to be more attractive and easy to use, more visitors will visit and revisit. Earning customer loyalty is quite a challenge especially since other businesses are investing a lot to improve their services and websites. Clients will always want to use better (more efficient and effective) services, tools, apps and experiences. It all starts with a nicely designed website that fits the purpose of your business and loads faster regardless of the device used to access it. A good web design has the following benefits on marketing;

  • Makes it easy to optimize your pages for more organic traffic
  • Makes it possible to integrate improved user experience that will keep the traffic engaged
  • Brings more revisits and customer loyalty
  • Gives your business better ranking on search results (rewarded for improved experience)
  • Givers your business a professional brand and appearance that most customers will want to associate with
  • Givers you a platform to conduct more marketing activities including campaigns, link building and SEO


The benefits of good web design cannot be overstated especially with regards to marketing. The website you design basically represents your business and its appearance is how customers will perceive the entire company. If the site is disorganized and does not load as efficiently as clients would want it, your business will be also be associated with ineffective services. What’s more, there are too many options online and the next site may just provide all a user seeks and earn his/her loyalty. It is therefore very important to make sure you keep that customer by giving an overwhelming first impression. That is what marketing is all about.

Southern Water’s New Website & Online Accounts Management

The water supply sector in the UK is going digital and Southern Water hasn’t been left behind. In a bid to improve customer experience and ensure greater efficiency in the delivery of services, the company has introduced a dedicated website where customers can create an online account. This development will enable customers to enjoy the convenience of self-service in their dealings with the water supplier. If you are a Southern Water customer, you have all you need to manage your water usage online with a free online account. The account creation procedure is quick and easy to follow. Within a few hours, you will be able to access your account from wherever you are and at any time.

Benefits of having a Southern Water new online account

1. 24/7 easy access to your account

It’s agreeable that mobile gadgets have significantly improved access to services in almost all industries. Whether it’s shopping, booking for transport and accommodation, paying utility bills, banking, studying or exercising, all you need is just a touch or click away thanks to the internet.

Why not set up an online account to enjoy the benefits of digital transformation happening in the water supply sector? The website that Southern Water has built will allow you full-time access to your account. The site is mobile-friendly – Southern Water understands that more of its customers are now using smartphones, tablets, and iPods to access the internet. You can also access your account via your computer.

2. Pay your water bills online

Southern Water online account

There are several ways of paying bills. Some are expensive and time-consuming while others aren’t secure. Paying your bills online can help you save money. If you bank online, you can now start paying your Southern Water bills online. It is very quick and easy. All the control over the amount and time of payment is in your hands. Southern Water has put in place sufficient mechanisms to make sure that all online payments are secure. Provided you remember to pay your water bills on time, you should have no problem with using the online service. If you prefer to do it over the phone, you can contact Southern Water customer services here.

3. Update your account details

It’s important for Southern Water and yourself to have up-to-date information about your account. Changing your account details online is the easiest and least laborious way of maintaining updated information. You may want to change your payment amount or day. You will only need to login to your account and choose the payment details you want to amend. Southern Water also needs to know when occurrences such as bereavement, marriage/divorce, or the birth of a child have happened. With your Southern Water new online account, you don’t have to write a letter or email, call or visit Southern Water to provide such information. Also, when you move to or from a house you’ll need to change your contact information for effective communication. You can make all these changes at the comfort of your couch. In some situations, however, the company may ask for paperwork supporting the information provided online.

4. View your payments, bills, and account balance

Pay Your Southern Water BillThe website will include a data storage function that will enable customers to view historical data on their water use and payments. You’ll get a personalized overview of how you have been using water at your property and the amount of balance in your account if any. This overview is very useful in budgeting for future water usage. You don’t have to gasp at surprising bills in future because you already know what to expect. You also know when your bill is unusually high or low and contact the company so that any billing error is corrected and you pay for what you’ve used.

5. Set up a Direct Debit

A regular Direct Debit allows you to spread your bill over the year. You can choose the day of the month that you want to make your payments. Paying by Direct Debit also means you don’t have to drive to the bank or Post Office and queue to pay your bills. Neither will you be required to send a check or call Southern Water to make a payment. Your transactions are also secured by Direct Debit Guarantee. To set up your Direct Debit you’ll need to fill in your bank details. Southern Water will then contact your bank and set up the service for you. The company will inform you when it’s set up.

6. Submit a meter reading

If you have an online account, a meter reader won’t have to come to your property every time Southern Water wants to prepare your water bill. There is a small interactive section on the new website where you can send your meter readings to the company. This way, you will have done your part in ensuring that you get more accurate bills all the time. Leave the rest to Southern Water and rest assured that you’ll always pay an amount equal to your water usage.

Register for Southern Water Online Services

Register today and get a chance to save a whole year’s water and sewerage service charges. The company is offering you a chance to win free water services for a year if you register from 20th January 2017 to 31st March 2017 inclusive. Only household customers above the age of 18 years are eligible for this competition. A household is permitted to make only one entry and entries from any third parties or agents will not be accepted. Registration for Southern Water online services and entry into the competition are free and easy. Once you sign up for Online Services through the link at southernwater.co.uk within the specified time, you’ll get an automatic entry into the prize draw.

Every day, Southern Water ensures that more than 500 million liters of quality drinking water reach its customers’ taps. The water is taken from underground sources, rivers and storage reservoirs. The company also has 365 water treatment works that recycle more than 700 million liters of wastewater per day. Southern Water takes the provision of high-quality water services to its customers as its key responsibility.

Since its formation, the company has been dealing with customers through person-to-person, phone, email, and writing interactions. Now, customers have another simpler way to deal with the company – Southern Water new online account. Just as with the other ways Southern Water has dealt with customers, the company is committed to ensuring the safety and security of information provided by customers through their online accounts.

The Most Important Decisions In Designing A Website

As we all know, designing a website, whether it be for a business, personal usage, or for entertainment, can be an intimidating task. One of the most important decisions to be made when first creating your site is which design tool to use. There is a variety of website building sites that you can use to create your own website, however, WiX is one of the easiest and most exciting ways to create your site. This site allows you to explore your inner creativity while achieving the image you imagined for your website.

First off, WiX is completely free. There are specific packages you can buy to add more to your site however, with the built-in and free features, you can accomplish a fully functional and interactive site without spending a single penny. WiX allows the user to choose an initial theme or model for the site you are building. This can be completely manipulated by the user to look entirely different from the example site they give you.  In my experience creating a site for a college organization I was involved in, I was able to choose a theme that I enjoyed and change each aspect of it that I felt tailored to my goals more successfully. WiX is dependable in the sense that it always saves your work. Throughout the many months that I used this website builder, I did not once experience the dreaded moment when you have worked on a project for an incredible amount of time only to find that your work was not saved.

Some of the many features the WiX offers include the following; unlimited pages for the site, social media links, uploading original content (videos and pictures), page hit counter, ability to place images and designs anywhere on the page or snap it to the grid, create a mobile version of your desktop view, and so much more. Other sites such as Weebly, do not let you have as much freedom in designing. I have used Weebly for a client that I was helping in creating a site for their web series and found it to be incredibly limiting. WiX is much easier to use and allows almost complete creative freedom.

WiX is also wonderful because of its gallery of free images and other small design aspects it has at the user’s disposal. The WiX gallery has a number of basic images that you can use for anything. Whether it be to use as a background for an original you choose to upload, or to serve as basic art on one of your pages, WiX has it all. If you do choose to purchase one of the packages this website builder has to offer, than you will be able to add components such as a calendar with an unlimited amount of events. You will also be able to create your own personal domain. With the free usage, you can have a personalized domain, however it is followed with text that WiX requires you to keep.

WiX is hands down the best website builder out there. For basic projects and even more complex projects, you will find WiX simple in its usage but complex enough to make your site unique from all the other sites on the internet. Publishing and saving is easy as well. WiX does offer a support and contact page in case you have any questions about designing or basic usage. I highly recommend using WiX if you ever need to create a website and would like to incorporate your own creativity and designing knowledge. I hope you find this site as helpful as I did!